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Angstrom Scientific Inc. will distribute QDI/GETec AFSEM in North America


SAN DIEGO, Calif. – July 1, 2019 – Quantum Design International (QDI) announces the appointment of Angstrom Scientific Inc., as the North American distributor for the Quantum Design/GETec AFSEM, an AFM designed to provide in-situ studies in a variety of existing host systems such as scanning electron microscopes. It features an AFM module that uses self-sensing cantilevers to provide correlative analysis in SEM or Dualbeam (SEM/FIB) microscopes. QDI recently announced its acquisition of GETec, an Austrian company specializing in atomic force microscopy (AFM) instrumentation.


Now, to better reach potential users of this technology, QDI has entered into a distribution agreement with Angstrom Scientific Inc., a leading source for microscopy products. Jerry Daviess, CEO of Quantum Design International, was excited at the possibilities this new partnership would provide, “Angstrom Scientific is very well known in the field of microscopy and nano-science. Their relationships and history with researchers and institutions in this market will provide new opportunities for the AFSEM product to reach the people who will benefit most from its adoption in the lab.”


Bob Sommerville, CEO of Angstrom Scientific Inc., commented, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the QD/GETec team, and to have the GETec AFSEM product in the Angstrom portfolio. Having worked with the management team of GETec in the past for many years, I have the utmost confidence that the AFSEM product they have developed will be an excellent new tool for correlative AFM in the SEM and/or FIB/SEM. It further supports and compliments the growing trend of in-situ and correlative techniques which forms much of Angstrom’s product portfolio.”


For further information on how the AFSEM can be utilized to support your research, please contact either Angstrom Scientific Inc. ( or GETec (



















About Quantum Design International

Founded in 1982, Quantum Design International is a privately held corporation that develops, manufactures, and markets advanced technology cryogenic systems and instruments for the scientific community. They are widely recognized as the leading commercial source for integrated laboratory analytical systems incorporating superconducting technology.  In addition, through its strong R&D focus and direct foreign offices in the world’s major technology markets, Quantum Design has developed a worldwide distribution channel for its own industry leading instruments as well as for research-based instruments developed by other technology leaders.


Angstrom Scientific

Established in 2004, Angstrom Scientific Inc. represents manufacturers that provide measurement and control of critical processes at the nano-scale level. Angstrom principals, Evan Slow and Bob Sommerville, have over 50 years of combined experience in the marketing, sales and support of electron microscopy, EDX, XRF, and XRD and other analytical techniques.


For more information contact:

Bob Sommerville

Angstrom Scientific, Inc.

845-915-3138 (office)

201-410-5028 (cell)

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