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Nano-manipulator Products

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miBotTM micromanipulator

The miBot™ is the smallest nanometer resolution manipulator of the market. The use of piezo actuators in a revolutionary mobile motion technology makes the miBot™ both extremely precise and very easy to control. Diverse micro-tools can be mounted on the miBot™ tool holder, which makes it particularly well-suited for R&D applications in material science, microelectronics and photonics, whenever in situ physical interactions with the sample are sought. 


  • Versatile: Install motorized manipulators on upright and inverted light microscopes, probe stations, AFM, optical breadboards, etc.

  • Fast, precise and stable: Move over centimeters with nanometer resolution and maintain a steady position at destination.

  • Hassle-free probe positioning: Instantly adjust the orientation to any sample geometries and intuitively interact with sensitive samples without risk of damaging them and get faster results.

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