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Angstrom Scientific Inc. is appointed as exclusive US distributor for the phase-contrast benchtop inCiTe™ micro CT by KA Imaging

Kitchener (Ontario, Canada) –KA Imaging has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the USA with Angstrom Scientific Inc for its phase-contrast benchtop inCiTe™ micro-CT system. inCiTe™ is a revolutionary benchtop micro-CT system capable of inline phase-contrast. The inline phase-contrast is enabled by KA Imaging’s own amorphous-selenium direct conversion x-ray detector technology, and can achieve a true 2 µm spatial resolution and 0.8 µm nominal resolution. The inCiTe™ is ideal for use on biomaterials, polymer composites and other low-density materials. Fields that can benefit from in-line phase contrast include non-destructive testing (NDT), additive manufacturing, electronics, agriculture, geology, preclinical imaging and specimen radiography.

Angstrom Scientific is a leading USA supplier for imaging and analysis products in the area of SEM TEM and x-ray microscopy. Amol Karnick, CEO of KA Imaging, is excited about the formation of this strategic partnership. “Angstrom Scientific has a proven track record of successfully bringing high-valued x-ray imaging products to the market, as well as providing excellent end user support. KA Imaging looks forward to working with Angstrom Scientific to bring the best-in-class benchtop micro CT from KA Imaging to imaging centres and materials research laboratories across the US”, says Amol. Angstrom Scientific’s CEO Bob Sommerville adds: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the KA Imaging team. The exclusive and patented detector technology incorporated into the inCite will provide a very competitive entry into the benchtop microCT market.”

For further information on how  inCiTe™ can meet your x-ray imaging needs, please contact either Angstrom Scientific Inc. ( or KA Imaging (

About KA Imaging

KA Imaging was founded in 2013 as a University of Waterloo spin-off company and has scaled rapidly since inception. The company is based in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, and aims to establish itself as a major player in the X-Ray detection industry.


Angstrom Scientific

Established in 2004, Angstrom Scientific Inc. represents manufacturers that provide measurement and control of critical processes at the nano-scale level. Angstrom principals, Evan Slow and Bob Sommerville, have over 50 years of combined experience in the marketing, sales and support of electron microscopy, EDX, XRF, and XRD and other analytical techniques.


Angstrom Scientific Inc. contact:

Bob Sommerville, CEO 

Office: 201-962-7222   


KA Imaging Inc. contact:

James Wei, VP, Business Development

Office: 226-215-9897

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