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Advent Diamond Unveils ClearXCam 2304:
Redefining X-ray Beam Monitoring

Scottsdale, AZ, May 3, 2024 – – Advent Diamond, a company focused on developing diamond semiconductor technology, announces the release of ClearXCam 2304, a significant advancement in X-ray beam monitoring. 


Although diamond has long been used for x-ray beam monitoring, traditional diamond monitors consist of four quadrants.  In contrast, the new ClearXCam provides scientists with 2304-pixel images of their x-ray beams, updated in real-time with video-rate imaging.


The ClearXCam development was funded by a Department of Energy SBIR grant and was developed to facilitate focusing, monitor beam uniformity, measure beam drift, and provide next-generation beamlines with real-time digital data for automating beam controls.


Anna Zaniewski, CTO of Advent Diamond shared her enthusiasm for the product release: "This sensor is the product of almost five years of development, and the entire Advent Diamond team deserves credit for this accomplishment.  One of the best moments when developing this instrument was working with users to validate it, and during these tests, using the ClearXCam to help users discover features in their beam that they didn't know about before."


The instrument is designed for streamlined integration into existing setups with user-friendly software, a compact footprint, API, and EPICS compatibility.


Partnering with Angstrom Scientific, a trusted name in scientific equipment distribution, ensures widespread availability of the ClearXCam 2304.  Under the terms of the agreement, Angstrom Scientific will represent the ClearXCam throughout North America. With Angstrom Scientific's extensive network, researchers can easily access this groundbreaking technology to accelerate their scientific endeavors.


Bob Sommerville, CEO of Angstrom Scientific, shared his excitement about representing ClearXCam: “Angstrom Scientific is thrilled to be associated with Advent Diamond and this innovative beam monitoring solution."


Manpuneet Benipal, CEO of Advent Diamond shared how this product release fits into the bigger picture for the company, which has a focus on diamond technology, "Diamond has long been understood to have impressive qualities for a range of applications from sensors, power components and quantum materials & devices. I am excited about our first product which brings unparallel value proposition as it benefited from our advanced diamond semiconductor devices development and manufacturing. Advent Diamond is on the path to release wide range of other semiconducting diamond components over the next few years.”


About Advent Diamond:

Advent Diamond is a US-based company developing semiconducting diamond solutions, ranging from sensors to next-generation power components.

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