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Angstrom Scientific is your direct connection to some of the nanotech industry’s best solutions for many electron microscopy and materials characterization applications. As a distributor and manufacturer’s representative, we help simplify the process of acquiring new tools, while you work with our experienced team for your imaging and analysis needs.


Angstrom Scientific Inc. will distribute Attolight q-CL equipment in North America

Lausanne-Switzerland – Dec 12, 2022 – Attolight AG announces the appointment of Angstrom Scientific Inc., as the North American (USA, Canada) distributor of its quantitative Cathodoluminescence (q-CL) equipment range. It features its automated solution for semiconductor inline defect inspection (Säntis 300) and its high-end material research tools in industrial R&D and academia (Allalin, Mönch). q-CL is a quantitative and non-destructive characterization method that produces spectroscopic data at the nanoscale and provides a deeper understanding of the structure of materials.

To better reach potential users of this technology, Attolight AG has entered into a distribution agreement with Angstrom Scientific Inc., a leading source for microscopy and spectroscopy products. Samuel Sonderegger, CEO of Attolight AG, was excited at the possibilities this new partnership would provide, “Angstrom Scientific is very well known in the field of electron microscopy and nano-science. Their relationships and history with researchers and institutions in this market will provide new opportunities for q-CL products to reach the people who will benefit most from their adoptions in the lab.”

Bob Sommerville, CEO of Angstrom Scientific Inc., commented, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Attolight team, and to have the Mönch, Allalin and Säntis 300 spectroscopic CL products in the Angstrom portfolio. As we have gotten to know the management team we have the utmost confidence that we can continue to advance the Attolight presence in the North American market. The requirement to have high resolution defect inspection is only going to continue to grow and Attolight are in an excellent position to address this growing market”

For further information on how Attolight CL  can be utilized to support your research, please contact either Angstrom Scientific Inc. ( or Attolight (

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As we continue to weather these exceptional times in dealing with the COVID-19 virus and its multiple variants, we want to let you know that we will make every effort to continue to support our customers and suppliers whilst trying to ensure that everyone is safe and healthy.


We are now back to full on-site capability to install, service and support all of the products we distribute, whilst making every effort to recognize and conform to each of our customer’s unique Covid protocol.

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