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The most powerful and versatile SEM acquisition 
system – DISS5
  • Integrated scan generator and image acquisition

  • Very large image resolution, up to 16k x 16k pixels

  • Very fast scanning speed, down to 200ns dwell time

  • Simultaneous 4 analog inputs and 12 digital inputs


Lowest noise EBAC/RCI amplification with in-situ 
pre-amplifier and ex-situ amplifier
  • In-situ pre-amplification is optimized and fixed at 107 V/A

  • Second stage amplification optimizes signal for analog to 
    digital conversion

  • Signal is digitized at 12-bit to minimize quantification noise


The EBAC/RCI system is software 
controlled for complete calibration 
and quantification 
  • Signal is automatically quantified and 
     displayed in current units (µA, nA, pA)

  • Scan control, image acquisition and 
    amplifier control are integrated in one software package

  • All amplification and acquisition 
    parameters are accessible to the end user


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