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Hitachi TM3000 SEM (Refurbished)


Product image is for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

Original Performance Specifications:

  • Magnification 20~30,000x

  • Accelerating voltages - 5kV, 15kV, and 15kV (high current)

  • Standard observation and charge-up reduction mode

  • Max sample size 70mm diameter

  • Max sample thickness 50mm

  • Stage travel: 35mm x 35mm (XY)

  • BSE Imaging Modes: Standard, Shadow, Topo

  • Auto start, focus and brightness

  • Image format BMP, TIF, JPG

  • Data display: micron marker, micron value, date and time, image number, comments

  • Turbopump 30L/s, Diaphragm pump

  • Includes computer running Windows 7

  • Complete with spare filaments and apertures



  • Deben Manual Tilt / Rotate stage with Chamberscope

  • Bruker Quantax 70 EDS

  • Deben Sprite Motorized XY Stage


**Brochure available on request

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