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Hitachi S-3400N Type II (Used)

S-3400N TypeII.png

* Product image is for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

Original Performance Specifications: 

  • Resolution: 3.0nm, (SED Image in High Vacuum Mode at 30kV) 

                         4.0nm, (BSED Image in VP Mode at 30kV)


  • Chamber size: Specimen size of 200mm in diameter can be inserted.

  • Type II Stage:

    • X Traverse: 100mm   /   Y Traverse: 50mm

    • Rotation: 360° Continuous

    • Z Traverse: 5 – 65mm

    • Tilt Range:  -20° to +90°

    • Motorization: 5-Axis Eucentric

  • Vacuum System:

    • One turbomolecular pump rated at 210 liter/sec

    • One 162 liter/min large-capacity rotary pump

    • 6Pa to 270Pa selectable in the Variable Pressure range

    • Chamber pump down time ~90 seconds

  • Magnification Range: 5X to 300,000X Magnification


  • SE Detector: Everhart-Thornley secondary electron detector


  • BSE Detector: Five-segment solid-state detector.


  • Electron Source: Pre-centered tungsten hairpin type


  • Accelerating Voltage: 300V to 30kV


  • Analytical Chamber:

    • Nine ports to accommodate EDS, WDS, EBSD and other accessories.

    • Three 35° Take Off Angle analytical ports, 10mm analytical WD.

    • Digital Beam Control (DBC) provides interface for EDX unit.

**Brochure available on request

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